The SUN n FUN Cruising Story

n FUN CRUISINGTM has partnered with industry leaders to create a luxury motorhome charter/rental service sought by discriminating clientele. We are building a network of boutique tour, travel event planners and concierge service companies that can offer our luxury motorhomes converted by Florida Coach, in Kissimmee, FL, a leader in the entertainer motor-coach industry, and Prevost Car, the highest quality bus manufacturer in the industry.

While the large national motorhome rental companies focus on streamlining their ledgers and selling you time on virtually identical and low-end RVs, they ignore the most basic fact regarding customer service and loyalty – you want choices, diverse destinations, and five-star customer service. We pride ourselves on the personal attention we give each customer, whether you are purchasing or chartering/renting a motorhome from us. You are a valued client deserving only the best we can offer. Each reservation is custom designed based on the desires of your and our clients. And each vacation, event or corporate reservation is priced based on the needs of our clients.

n FUN CRUISINGTM is also able to offer to clients that are interested in owning a PREVOST motorhome, the least expensive way to own a PREVOST—the ULTIMATE luxury motorhome. Consider owning a "Rolling Luxury Condo." We understand the important differences between merely chartering/renting an RV and managing client's high-end motorhome (rolling condo) as a property, which is the key to a successful program. Our client's motorhomes are viewed as an investment and rightly so. A PREVOST condo can move around the country offering clients a variety of destinations and unforgettable experiences! Our program also allows these rolling condos to develop a following of clients who will enjoy chartering our clients privately owned PREVOST motorhome over and over again.

Read more about your ownership options under Money Making MotorhomesTM, and find out how the SUN
n FUN CRUISINGTM program may be exactly what you or your client's need to realize a motorhome dream. This could be the most FUN INCOME-PRODUCING PROPERTY one will ever own!

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