n FUNCRUISINGTM and Florida Coach are creating a vision for the high-end PREVOST motorhome industry. With our 

MONEY MAKING MOTORHOME™ program, you can offset ownership expenses while having your PREVOST motorhome professionally managed by experts and leaders in the RV industry.

CAREFREE OWNERSHIP is new for the high-end RV industry, but it has been successful for decades in the boating and aviation industries. Now you can benefit from this concept and enjoy the
PREVOST motorhome of your dreams. This program will be changing the future of the high-end RV industry!

MONEY MAKING MOTORHOME™ program is designed to OFFSET expenses and allow you, the owner, a hassle-free experience in ownership.

Imagine not having to worry about the service and maintenance of your luxury motorhome! And when you wish to use your motorhome, it is clean, serviced, and ready to go—full of fuel, water, and supplies! We will even stock your fridge if you’d like!

Because your
PREVOST motorhome is a business, you will enjoy the benefits of “Owner Service Time travel.” While you are enjoying your RV, you will discover unique and special places, like wonderful RV resorts, quaint restaurants, and unusual points of interest. You may also want to capture beautiful scenes on your camera. When you send your pictures or points of interest to Sun N Fun Cruising, we will post them to your website (which we create for you) to market your PREVOST motorhome. This will allow you to enjoy normal business deductions while on a marketing business trips.

Owning your motorhome as a business requires excellent record keeping. We have that covered too. Once your motorhome enters into our fleet, we will provide you with an “OWNER TIME-LOG BOOK,” which will help organize and maintain your records. We can also provide you with quarterly reports to send to your personal accountant or financial advisor to create your quarterly filings if you like.

Our goal is to help make your
PREVOST motorhome business as efficient and income-producing as possible. We look forward to helping you realize your dreams of owning a PREVOST motorhome through our MONEY MAKING MOTORHOME™ program—the least expensive way to own a PREVOST motorhome!

Allow us to be your Buyer's Broker. Our personal relationship with you allows us to understand your interests and what is most important to you about owning an RV. SUN
n FUNCRUISINGTM is offering a variety of PREVOST models, built to the highest standards. We discuss your goals with you, and then team you up with the right model and price point. You define your desires; we’ll find the best options for you to help you make the right decision.

n FUN CRUISING’sTM TRY BEFORE YOU BUY allows potential owners the opportunity to enjoy a trip or tour of their dreams on a professionally driven PREVOST to determine if it's the right fit. This is the perfect way to be sure you love the floor-plan and model. If you order a new PREVOST motorhome within a year of your charter, we will apply a portion, if not all, of your charter fee toward the purchase price of the model you select.

Would You Like To Know More...

n FUN CruisingTM is building the most exclusive, high-end fleet of PREVOST motorhomes for charter in the nation. Our boutique network of tour, travel, event planners concierge service and limo companies is poised to serve discriminating clientele. Inquire about our network members today! This means many professionals in the travel and event industries will be promoting your 

MONEY MAKING MOTORHOMETM for charter vacations, events, weddings and/or corporate events to their clients to maximize your rental income potential by putting your motorhome into our charter management program.

Our network is supported by the world's finest bus manufacturer and converters, turning a
PREVOST bus shell into the motorhome of your dreams. For decades, we have enjoyed the Prevost motorhome lifestyle, and we understand the need for exceptional products, outstanding destinations, and impeccable customer service, which we believe are lacking in today's RV rental industry. SUN n FUN CRUISINGTM is focused on providing luxury motorhomes and partnering with boutique tour, travel, event planners and concierge service provider companies for the benefit of our customers. Those wishing to purchase a MONEY MAKING MOTORHOMETM and those wishing to take the ultimate vacation or limo ride in a rolling luxury condo-a PREVOST motorhome.

Together we provide:

  • the best products in the industry.
  • the best service in conversions and maintenance of your motorhome.
  • programs that support your goals.
  • carefree ownership with professional management.
  • the least expensive way of owning the motorhome of your dreams.

This could be the most FUN income-producing property/asset you will ever own.

We are a network of professionals you can trust to listen to your needs and help you achieve your goals whether it is to purchase a luxury motorhome, charter a luxury motorhome, or plan a dream vacation. Please contact us and tell us what we can do to help you!

Douglass Dillard, Founder/CEO